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Your child will get their set of baby teeth around the first six months of their life. Taking care of these baby teeth from a young age is vital to them having healthier teeth as they grow older. While your baby might not be old enough to start developing their own healthy habits yet, as they grow to become a toddler and young child, teaching them about good healthy dental habits is essential to the growth and development of strong gums and teeth.

Many parents do not put a lot of emphasis on dental care during their baby’s first few years of life. That’s because there is a common misconception that, since the baby teeth will fall out anyway, they aren’t really an important aspect of raising a healthy child. This is a very widespread misunderstanding, and it can lead to serious dental health issues for your child later.

While your baby’s first set of teeth will eventually fall out, the health of these teeth will directly impact the health of their gums–and their gum health is going to affect them throughout their whole lifetime. If your baby has unhealthy primary (baby) teeth, they are going to inevitably have less-than-perfect gum health, which could be because of bacteria or plaque buildup, decay, or a gum issue like gingivitis.

Even as their baby teeth begin to fall out and their permanent teeth start growing in (around the age of six or seven), your child’s gum health will impact the health of these teeth. Poor gum health will lead to weaker and less healthy permanent teeth, which won’t get your child off to the greatest start.

So, don’t underestimate the importance of healthy baby teeth for your child’s long-term wellbeing. Oral health will affect every aspect of their life and starting them with good and healthy habits from a young age will be very beneficial to them. To learn more about infant & toddler dentistry in Denver and Aurora, contact our office today.

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