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Although your child’s baby teeth are only temporary, keeping them in good condition is important to their long-term dental health. Baby teeth are susceptible to cavities, and when they occur, this tooth decay is often called Early Childhood Carries or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.

Your child needs strong and healthy teeth to speak, chew food properly, and get their way with their adorable looking smile. The alignment and health of their first teeth will also work to ensure that their adult teeth grow in strong, healthy, and with correct alignment too. This means that starting your infant off with healthy baby teeth will help improve their dental health for decades to come.

All teeth can be affected by tooth decay, but Baby Bottle Tooth Decay most often occurs with the upper front teeth. Multiple factors can lead to this tooth decay, with the most common being frequent exposure to sugary drinks. Tooth decay can also occur when a bottle is used as a pacifier for a fussy child, and when a bottle is given to your baby at bedtime.

Just like when they get older, your baby needs their teeth brushed following a meal. Having prolonged exposure to the sugar and acidity of food and beverages will only damage your baby’s teeth. Fortunately, tooth decay is entirely preventable with the right habits and techniques.

Since cavity-causing bacteria can be passed into your baby’s mouth from your saliva, like when you clean a feeding spoon off in your mouth before putting it into theirs, you should try to avoid this exchange. You should also get into healthy brushing habits for your child, starting them off from a young age yourself and helping to teach them their own habits as they grow a bit older.

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