Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are not only useful for diagnosing broken bones in a medical office ― they are also used to consistently identify tooth decay and orthodontic problems before they affect your child. Digital X-rays are a tool we use at Kid’s Dental in our efforts to take a preventive approach to your child’s dental health care. With the latest modern technology on our side, we can proactively handle oral health challenges while reducing radiation exposure for our patients.

Are Digital X-Rays Necessary?

The dental professionals working in our Denver and Aurora offices follow recommendations from the American Dental Association on scheduling digital X-rays for children: We only conduct X-rays when absolutely necessary for delivering the most effective dental care.

For many patients, this might mean they only undergo an X-ray once per year, or even less frequently. For patients struggling with decay and other conditions, we may be required to administer X-rays more frequently to track progress and response to treatment.

Digital X-rays give dentists insight into activity within teeth and below the surface of the gums ― information we cannot get from a simple visual inspection. We can spot bone loss, early signs of tooth infections and decay and misaligned incoming adult teeth ― all conditions whose negative side effects are lessened or reversed if treatment begins early enough.

The Advantages of Modern Digital X-Rays

We take every precaution to make sure the children who receive X-rays at any of our three offices are completely protected during the procedure. X-ray technology has developed significantly over the past few decades. Today, children are exposed to much less radiation than through traditional film X-rays.

Digital technology is more precise, allowing dentists to view minute details that would be impossible to see on older type X-rays. Also, digital X-rays are immediately viewable ― no need to wait for film to develop! So dentists and patients can view the results right away, and any necessary treatment can begin.

Kid’s Dental is Solely Focused on Safety

Small children can sit on their parent’s lap during the X-ray procedure, and both are outfitted with protective lead bibs to limit radiation exposure. The beam of the X-ray is directed only at the side of the mouth, not to the whole body.

Kid’s Dental recommends digital X-rays for first-time patients so our staff can establish a baseline for future care, but we will examine all aspects of the child’s medical and dental history before requiring additional X-rays in the future.

Feel free to discuss your questions about dental X-rays with any member of our Kid’s Dental Colorado staff, and contact us today to set up your child’s initial appointment at one of our convenient office locations.