Kid’s Dental

Thank you for choosing Kid’s Dental of Colorado ― your friendly, dedicated children’s dental team. We truly care about each one of our patients, and we look forward to forming a long-term relationship with your family. Throughout the years, our team has focused on making all children and teens feel completely at home in our offices, so that they look forward to their next dentist appointment with a smile.

Meet Our Welcoming Team

The moment your children enter our office, a member our excellent, trained staff greets them warmly. We believe high-quality dental care starts with caring about patients as individuals. You will find nothing intimidating about a dental appointment at Kid’s Dental ― we put your child at ease. You can even accompany your children into the exam room ― whatever makes them feel the most comfortable.

Wide Range of Treatment Services

The ideal dental professional for your child provides you with comprehensive treatment. You want the assurance of knowing every oral health issue is readily treated with precision by staff who have experience handling that specific challenge.

You have chosen your dental office wisely by selecting Kid’s Dental of Colorado. We will provide attentive care throughout your child’s growth and development, from their infant stages through the teen years. We take a preventive approach, counseling both parents and patients on how to effectively limit tooth decay. But if cavities, misalignments or any other conditions develop, we treat the issue quickly in order to reduce any negative effects on your child.

Convenient Locations throughout Colorado

We know how difficult it is to coordinate medical appointments around your work schedule and your child’s school, sports and extracurricular events, so we have worked to make Kid’s Dental the family-friendly office that reduces scheduling stress for you. We have three locations in Denver and Aurora, and we do our best to fit appointments into your family’s already hectic lifestyle. We are flexible so our patients can receive the dental care they need on schedule, when they need it.

Contact Kid’s Dental of Colorado today and speak to our team about your child’s dental health. We are accepting new patients of all ages, and we’re sure your children or teens will love their experience at Kid’s Dental.