Dental Services

Why do we focus on dental care for children at Kid’s Dental of Colorado? We believe good oral health habits must be taught at a young age. If children are not given proper care along with the training they need to take responsibility for their own oral health, they may experience difficult and frustrating dental health challenges in adulthood. Addressing the issues before they become a problem is key, and that is the main focus of our children’s dentistry program at Kid’s Dental.

Dental Health Monitoring through Every Development Stage

The years from infancy to teen years and into adulthood are fraught with change. It might seem like your toddler sprouts a full set of teeth overnight. Even before teeth erupt through the gums, your baby can benefit from an exam and guidance from a caring dentist. Once his or her first set of teeth arrives, proper maintenance and regular appointments can contribute toward a decay-free childhood and the ideal development of adult teeth.

At Kid’s Dental, we are ready to begin working with you and your child at any stage of tooth development. Our years of experience in children’s dentistry have taught us to identify potential problems long before they can begin affecting your child’s daily life.

Personalized Instruction for Your Child

After we examine your child’s teeth, we will have a conversation with both them and you about the areas in which they need to improve. Whether they have to brush more effectively to remove plaque, or implement flossing into their daily routine, our staff believes in telling children exactly how they can make a positive difference for their teeth.

But we go even a step further. We also teach children how to adjust their diets so they aren’t unknowingly damaging their teeth with an overload of sugar. We teach them how water is a much healthier drink option than soda or juice. We explain how fruits and vegetables contribute much-needed vitamins and minerals to promote strong enamel and prevent decay.

Form a Dental Care Plan with Our Team

Children require parents’ direction to carry out oral health care goals. That is exactly why our relationship and constant communication with you is just as important. If you are not aware of your child’s dental health needs, how can you effectively guide and manage daily care of teeth?

We will talk over all of our exam findings with you so you are up to date on the current oral health of your child. Together, we will design a personalized day-to-day plan for brushing and flossing that you as the parent can help implement at home. You can depend on the team at Kid’s Dental of Colorado to always provide tailored suggestions with the goal of improving your child’s oral health at each and every visit.