Dental Sedation

Dental sedation is a treatment technique designed to relieve anxiety and discomfort during specific dental treatments. At Kid’s Dental of Colorado, we are trained and certified to carry out all dental sedation procedures and we follow high medical standards to promote safety at all times.

Why Is Dental Sedation Needed?

Before we prescribe dental sedation, we fully assess each child’s medical history to rule out any risk factors. Many children benefit from dental sedation, including children who are very young and unable to remain still for an entire dental procedure. In addition, children who experience high anxiety at the dentist may require certain sedation tactics to ease their worries. Children with special needs and developmental disabilities may also have a more positive, stress-free experience at the dentist with the assistance of sedation.

Our Sedation Process

Two common forms of dental sedation are used in dental settings involving children. Both are forms of conscious sedation, where the patient stays awake the entire time. One is nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” which is inhaled through a mask on the child’s nose. The child will relax, and the medicine’s effects wear off quickly after the procedure is over.

Children can also take an oral sedative in pill or liquid form prior to the appointment. The child will fall into a drowsy state that may take a few hours to completely wear off following the procedure.

Kid’s Dental of Colorado can also perform dental procedures using general anesthesia. Our medical professionals are fully trained in the area of complete sedation, but it is only recommended for use in situations in which conscious sedation is an unfit solution.

We Focus on Safety as Well as Comfort

Our team will make sure both you and your child are completely comfortable with the sedation procedure before we begin treatment. We will fully counsel you on how to care for your child after any dental appointments in which sedation is used. In most cases, your child will require constant supervision for the remainder of the day and should not participate in regular school or sports-related activities.

Your child may continue to show signs of drowsiness and may sleep for a long period after the appointment. This behavior is normal and your child should be fully recovered within 24 hours of the visit. Always call Kid’s Dental with any concerns you may have ― our team is available to provide instant professional advice at all times.