Dental Restorations

Don’t let a cavity bring down your child’s spirits ― schedule an appointment with Kid’s Dental of Colorado today for a fast, pain-free dental restoration. We know both you and your child would prefer to never have to deal with cavities or any measure of tooth decay, but sometimes your best efforts still fall short. That’s okay, because we are practiced in providing instant, stress-free fixes for all types of tooth decay.

When Does Tooth Decay Become a Problem?

If tooth decay is at its very beginning stages, our team may be able to clean the tooth, administer fluoride treatments and monitor it in an effort to reverse decay, all without requiring a filling.

But when teeth crack, break or show obvious signs of deep decay, the issue must be treated right away. Decay can create a major toothache for children and cause them pain while they eat or drink. In addition, decay that reaches into the tooth opens a gateway for bacteria to enter and cause infection.

Left untreated, a root canal may become the only option to rid the body of bacteria, unless it is treated with speed and precision.

How Fillings or Crowns Can Help

Depending on the extent of the damage, our Kid’s Dental team will examine the area and make a prognosis as to the best dental restoration approach for treating and preventing the decay from recurring in the future.

Fillings are the most common treatment for small spots of decay on teeth. First, our team will numb the area so your child has no discomfort. We will quickly clean out the decayed portion of the tooth, then fill the area with composite material to replace the missing section.

In some cases, the decayed area is too large for a filling to work effectively. If the size of the filling is too big in comparison with the rest of the tooth, it may cause the remaining natural parts of the tooth to crack, break and fall apart. When cavities are this large, we may recommend the placement of a crown over the affected tooth. Once decay is removed, a crown is placed over the tooth, sealing and completely encasing it permanently. This provides more support to teeth severely damaged by decay.

Let Kid’s Dental Offer Experienced Solutions

Whatever the extent of your child’s tooth decay, Kid’s Dental is the office to visit for child-centered treatment focusing on patient comfort during all procedures. Your child will come home with a beautiful smile after our dental restoration treatment administered by our caring, gentle staff.