Dental Emergencies

If your child has an accident in which his or her tooth is loosened, cracked or knocked out entirely, your presence of mind is key to addressing the injury fast and effectively. The first step is not to panic – call your reliable Kid’s Dental office immediately and explain the situation. We are available for appointments in all emergency trauma situations.

What Should You Do if Your Child Injures a Tooth?

Children are probably the most active people on the planet. It is not unusual for a child to injure a tooth while playing sports or simply running around on the playground. If the tooth was violently jarred so that it comes loose and sticks part way out of its socket, have your child bite down on a piece of gauze to hold the tooth in place until you can get an assessment from our team.

If the tooth is shattered or cracked, use gauze to stop the bleeding and try to gather up all the pieces. Place them in a cup and cover them with milk or your child’s saliva. Follow the same procedure if the tooth was completely knocked out. Never pick up the tooth from the root, only from the crown ― and place it back in its socket if the root is not dirty. Otherwise, place the missing tooth in a glass of your child’s saliva or milk and bring it to our office right away.

An Immediate Response Is Key

A tooth has only a brief window of time ― a few hours ― until it can no longer be preserved. The faster you act, the better when calling our office to make an emergency appointment. These situations are urgent, and we will juggle our regular patients’ appointments to accommodate those who have suffered trauma.

Trust Kid’s Dental to Care for Dental Emergencies

With years of experiencing mending children’s tooth injuries in Colorado, the Kid’s Dental team at each office is capable of identifying the most effective solution, whether it involves piecing the tooth back together, if possible, or putting a crown over the damaged surface.

Your children need their teeth ― even their first set of teeth ― for proper development of speech and adult teeth, not to mention for digesting their food. We will make every effort to ensure your children’s teeth are restored and no infection or lasting negative side effects set in from the injury.

Store Kid’s Dental’s contact information in your phone so you have an immediate resource if a dental emergency should arise ― we are here to help.