About Us

At Kid’s Dental in Colorado, our patient’s dental health and overall well-being is our main priority. Our practice is built on a belief that dental care is seriously important throughout everyone’s life, but positive oral health habits start at a young age. We readily take on the responsibility of teaching and guiding your children in learning how to take care of their teeth so they can enjoy a lifetime of good dental health.

Who Do We Serve?

We are a leading dental care provider for families in Denver, Aurora and the surrounding regions. Our office services children of varying ages, from the time they are in their infant teething stages to the day their first tooth breaks through their gums to when they need their wisdom teeth removed. You do not have to ever find a new dentist ― your children can receive years of dedicated dental care right here at one of our three local offices.

We accept most major insurance including Colorado Medicaid, Dental Child Health Plan Plus (CHP), Blue Cross, and many others. We also provide low cost dental care for low income patients without insurance. Our dentists speak English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Why Are We Colorado’s Premier Dentist for Children?

Dental care for children requires a gentle, personable approach. While many dentists are qualified to provide treatment to kids, many offices aren’t designed to make the experience one a child will remember in a positive way.

At Kid’s Dental’s Denver and Aurora locations, we have installed televisions in all treatment areas so our patients can enjoy entertainment during exams and cleanings. With bright colors and friendly faces in our halls, our facility makes your children feel comfortable. No tense, frightening memories are associated with our office. Your children are relaxed and happy during their time with us.


We want all of our patients to find out more about the Kid’s Dental staff ― contact our office today for more information about the treatments we provide and to see if our dental team is a fit for your child.